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So I'm thinking that Ultra Street Fighter 4's mysterious fifth character will be none other than Lucia Morgan from Final Fight 3. I could be wrong, of course. But...I dunno...she just seems to fit so well. But perhaps that's just what Ono wants me to think...

Advertisement reasoning:

  • Fact: Capcom's stated this will be the new character's fighting game debut. (Lucia's never appeared in any other game but Final Fight 3.)
  • Fact: Capcom's stated the new character will be female.
  • Semi-Speculation: The only IPs directly connected to Street Fighter are Final Fight and Rival Schools. Rival Schools can be eliminated completely because - as previously stated - the new addition has never appeared in a fighting game.
  • Speculation: Capcom has always kept the franchise lore relatively it's unlikely to be an addition from something like Strider, Phoenix Wright, or Resident Evil. That pretty much leaves Final Fight as the only obvious or likely candidate.
  • Speculation: Final Fight has a relatively small female cast. Of them, Maki and Poison have already appeared in fighting games. Roxy is just a palette-swapped Poison...and Capcom wouldn't be making such a fuss over what amounts to a clone. (Unless Ono's trolling the shit out of us.) And Jessica Haggar seems too obvious.
  • Speculation: By contrast, Lucia is an established but still somewhat obscure character in a mostly forgotten title. Furthermore, she already has an adaptable move set and a design that's pretty much "ready for primetime" as far as fighting games go.
  • Speculation by way of Fact: Final Fight 3's stage one BGM is used as Guy's theme music in Hyper Street Fighter Alpha (one of the hidden games included in Street Fighter Alpha Anthology.)

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