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So I picked up Paper Mario: Sticker Star two days ago because Best Buy had it on sale for 50% off. (I also snagged Resident Evil 6 for $19.99...ka-CHING!)

My very first, totally accidental Black Friday shopping experience: I pass by a GameStop on my way to the gym every morning, and happened to see that it was largely empty at 9am today. I went inside, found Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance for $19.99, bought it, and got the hell out.

I just beat Yakuza: Dead Souls last night and am now focusing on earning its platinum trophy. And I'll be going back and doing the same with Yakuza 4. And Yakuza 3...though that "Minigame Master" trophy ensures platinum status will forever elude me.

So I picked up Dead or Alive 5 after work yesterday. Having never owned an Xbox or 360, it's my first proper foray into the series since 2 Hardcore on the PlayStation 2. (Well, technically it was Dead or Alive Dimensions, but that game felt like more of a placeholder to me.)