Illustration for article titled PSA: The Strider 2 Misprint Rears Its Head Once Again [UPDATE]

Heads up folks, Strider 2 just hit the PSN. And just like the mislabeled discs of the original North American PlayStation release, disc 1 is actually Strider while disc 2 is Strider 2.


I was curious if anyone at either Capcom or Sony would catch this, as Capcom had previously released the original arcade version of Strider with glitched music on its own Capcom Classics Collection.

UPDATE: Turns out it is a two-disc release. I've just grown so accustomed to the way disc switching is handled on the PSP that I didn't think there was a second available disc. Oops. So, yeah, the good news is both games are there. The bad by way of funny news is that the misprint lives on.

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