PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale update:

I've acquired all the online trophies, so the only thing separating me and Platinum status are fourteen more Arcade Mode runs. Online is smooth as goddamn butter. It's as solid as if I were playing locally with four friends.


Raiden will likely be my new main from here on out - at least where serious (read: heated) online play is concerned. Seriously, he's a beast. Insane combos and some great maneuvers to get back in the fight when he's launched. His level 1 super has amazing crowd control potential, too. Drake will continue to be my "fun" main (read: local and/or friendly online matches where I don't want to stomp everyone).

Speaking of fun characters, Heihachi is way more enjoyable to play as than I would've expected. His forward square, square combo, and EWGF all build up meter crazy fast, and his standard moves are all pretty effective. His Level 3 super is a riot...and a great bit of fanservice to any Tekken 5 fans out there.


Overall, PlayStation Allstars has passed the ultimate test of a good fighting game: when I'm at home - no matter what else I have going on - I'm constantly trying to squeeze in matches. And when I'm away from home - I'm spending a good deal of my time thinking about it. Hell, I never - and I mean never - gave a shit about online play before PlayStation Allstars came along...that alone speaks volumes about how good and fun it is.

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