I just beat Yakuza: Dead Souls last night and am now focusing on earning its platinum trophy. And I'll be going back and doing the same with Yakuza 4. And Yakuza 3...though that "Minigame Master" trophy ensures platinum status will forever elude me.

Not that I'm any sort of a trophy whore (I don't even bother with online multi-player and I give up on the single player trophies the moment the expectations become ridiculous), I'm just so keyed up for Yakuza 5 that I want to wring every last drop of content I can from those three games. Christ, I hope Sega doesn't drop the ball with localizing part 5.


Also, does anyone else hold out hope that we may yet see Kenzan! in the U.S., if only as a PSN release? We are getting to that point in a generation where games which never found a niche at their launch start getting picked up for late-in-life enthusiast releases (not that it would be enough to rekindle any hope of Black Panther 1 and 2 seeing a U.S. localization, though).

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